The Perfect Boiled Egg


3 Minute Egg (White is Set, Yolk is Soft):

  • Choose a saucepan, big enough, to suit the number of eggs you are boiling (there should be enough room to move eggs around)
  • Add enough cold water to cover the eggs, stir constantly with wooden spoon over high heat until water boils: this will centralise each yolk.
  • Boil, uncovered until yolks are as soft or as firm as you like.
  • Guide: 3 minutes will give you a set egg white and soft yolk

5 Minute Egg (The Yolk is Set):

  • Place saucepan of eggs under cold running water for about half a minute or until eggs are cool enough to handle.
  • To peel eggs: Crack shell gently and leave eggs immersed in cold water for at least 5 minutes or until cold. This will stop a dark ring forming around each yolk.
  • Remove shells, starting from broad end. Pat the eggs dry before serving.