Potato omelette frittata served with chakalaka

This dish transports well and is delicious for picnics or packed school lunches.

Serves 4

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 45 minutes
Total time: 60 minutes


  • 500ml sunflower oil
  • 1 large onion, finely chopped
  • 800g-900g potatoes, peeled and sliced 1cm thick
  • 10 eggs, whisked
  • 4 tablespoons flat leaf parsley, finely chopped and extra for serving
  • Salt and ground pepper
  • Chakalaka to serve


  1. Fill a large deep sauté pan with the sunflower oil and heat up.
  2. Place potato slices and onion together in hot oil, and cook gently, partially covered until soft, without frying them. Approximately 25-30 minutes.
  3. Drain the cooked potatoes and onions through a colander and set the oil aside. Allow the potatoes and onions to cool.
  4. In a bowl add the eggs and parsley with the potato and onions and season.
  5. Heat a drizzle of the reserved oil in a large non-stick frying pan (about 5cm deep).
  6. Pour the egg and potato mixture into the frying pan and fry for about 10-12 minutes or until half cooked (the top will still be a bit wobbly).
  7. Slide omelette onto a plate, cooked side down.
  8. Place pan over plate and flip omelette back into pan, raw side down.
  9. Cook for a further 6-10 minutes or until golden brown and firm
  10. To serve, cut into wedges and serve with Chakalaka, salad and crusty bread.