2020 Egg Subscription Form [pdf. download].

The membership of the Egg Organisation of SAPA shall consist of:

Ordinary Members

  1. Ordinary members who/which are egg producers and whose membership shall be related to the equivalent number of commercial egg layers held as contemplated in Clause 2.7 above (where the number of egg layers are calculated from net eggs marketed, on an assumed 80% hen-day production, being considered the average laying percentage per egg layer per producer and disregarding eggs bought in from other Egg Organisation members).

Honorary Life Members

  1. Elected by the Annual General Meeting for services rendered. There shall not be, at any time, more than five Honorary Life Members.

Associate Members

  1. Associate members who are involved with the commercial poultry industry but do not qualify to be members of any of the official Southern African Poultry Association affiliates, will carry one vote only and pay the minimum subscription fee.