What we do for Industry

Occasionally the question is put what SAPA actually does for the industry. This is a valid question that requires regular reconsideration. Recent issues that SAPA has dealt with:

  • Tarrifs
  • Agricultural trade policy
  • Curtailing smuggling
  • Food safety issues
  • Veterinary matters
  • Feed matters
  • Training and technology transfer
  • Statistics
  • Congresses, exhibitions and workshops
  • Member liason and information dissemination
  • Generic advertising of eggs
  • Developing poultry farmers
  • Target group liason
  • Individual committees attend to sub-sector specifics
  • Codes of practice
  • Accreditation of hatcheries
  • Monitoring of developments in the industry’s environment

SAPA is indeed a medium and catalyst for any matter the industry wishes to collectively address.

Our History

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Board Members

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