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SABC – The Full View interview with GM Izaak Breitenbach about government’s suspension of anti-dumping duties.

See the full SABC interview with SAPA’s general manager Izaak Breitenbach about governments recent decision to suspend anti-dumping duties and the effects it can have on South Africa’s food security and job creation within the poultry industry.


Minister’s suspension of dumping duties may prove to be a boon for the importers, but a bane to South Africa’s second largest job creator and agricultural sector, leaving small farmers at risk and consumer prices unchanged.


Beyond load shedding, access to clean water, the rising cost of fuel and feed, South Africa’s poultry industry is facing one of its biggest threats yet: the non-renewal of import tariffs. This leaves SA’s second largest agricultural industry vulnerable to dumping; a practice that nearly destroyed it prior to the signing of the Poultry Sector Master Plan.

kykNET – GrootPlaas Interview with GM Izaak Breitenbach about the poultry industry.

Interview with Izaak Breitenbach, General Manager of the Broiler Organisation at the South African Poultry Association, about the latest developments and challenges in the poultry industry. The South African Poultry industry went through a difficult time over the past...

LANDBOU.COM – Storting: Pluimveebedryf hoop op spoedige aankondiging

The South African Poultry industry is currently vulnerable against dumping as the sunset review for dumping duties passed on Tuesday, 14 June. Senior journalist at Landbou Weekblad, Carien Kruger, discusses the potential impact with SAPA’s Izaak Breitenbach.

Dumping Duties Defend Domestic Industry

Predatory trade like dumping has long plagued South African industry and South African consumers. Thankfully, with dumping duties imposed against offending countries, the Poultry industry is growing farms, growing farmers, and creating more employment opportunities for South Africans.

Growing South Africa’s Poultry Exports Quickly

South Africa’s globally competitive poultry industry has set its sights on accessing new international markets, but what will it take to get the industry export ready? In this article we explore the export requirements, from the new regulatory guidelines to the delays in health certification infrastructure, and how the industry will meet the requirements of the Poultry Master Plan by 2023.

Debate on the role of tariffs in the local poultry sector

We have seen huge increases in the price of chicken due to several factors such as transport and fuel price increases, inflation, food and commodity shortages, global conflicts and increases of in feed prices. This has once again opened the long-standing debate on...

SAPA rejects calls for suspension of tariffs on chicken imports

SAPA rejects calls for suspension of tariffs on chicken imports. The price of maize and soya feed has increased by almost 20% since April 2021. This increase is mainly responsible for the increase of chicken products in-store. Other factors such as the ongoing...

The effects of poultry dumping – RSG interview with GM Izaak Breitenbach

The South African Poultry industry went through a difficult time over the past couple of years especially with regards to issues such as the illegal dumping of poultry products. Dumping in our context, happens when products are sold in South Africa at a lower price...

Innovative Farmers in the Industry

I trust that this video gives some idea of how the masterplan (industry growth plan) is bringing together various constituents with one aim and that is to positively impact our farmers and give hope.The industry, through a massive investment commitment, created a new market for players like Phetogo Farms to expand.It also wants to introduce you to those leaders like Tumi that not only invested in his farm but also his community and serve the industry at large. I trust that this video will take your perception of the masterplan (industry growth plan) from a piece of paper to showcase the magnitude of the impact at a farm and personal level.

Kind Regards, Izaak

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I created this infographic in 2016 for my BP info was sourced from SAPA @sa_poultry.
poultry products are consumed annually more than all other animal protein sources combined, the poultry industry contributes 65.5% of locally produced animal protein consumed in SA.

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Our Vision

To create a viable and sustainable industry contributing to economic growth and development, employment and food security, based on successful producers adhering to environmental and ethical production norms and generating sustainable profits.

Our Mission

To create an enabling environment to achieve sustainable producer profits in the domestic and global village market. As a representative association, the South African Poultry Association (SAPA) serves the interests of the poultry industry in a number of ways. SAPA acts as a medium and catalyst for any matter the industry wishes to collectively address. It acts as the face of the industry, addressing and maintaining a presence in society without which opposing groups could play havoc with the industry’s interests – without opposition.