1. To promote, co-ordinate, supervise and secure the interests of all duty registered businesses involved in the production and processing of ostriches and ostrich products who are members of the SAOBC.
  2. To foster the proficiency of production, demand for meat, leather and feathers for the industry as a whole.
  3. To foster and promote relations between the role players in the industry as well as between members.
  4. To encourage adherence to a code of conduct of members such as to command the confidence and respect of clients and the public in general.
  5. To create an international environment suitable for export
  6. To identify and promote initiatives aimed at improving the status of the ostrich industry.
  7. To provide mutual assistance in liaising on behalf of the ostrich industry
  8. Gather statistics
  9. To provide a communication channel between producers and processors in the form of circulars and publications.
  10. To initiate strategic research in the interest of the national ostrich industry.