The objectives of the Broiler Organisation is to establish and maintain a national organisation in the Republic of South Africa for the promotion, development and guidance of the broiler industry, as an independent subsidiary of the Southern African Poultry Association. To promote and advance all matters tending toward the improvement of the broiler and allied industries in South Africa, including production, grading, packing, transportation, storage and marketing by:

  1. Securing profitable production to provide adequate supplies of broiler products to the consuming public.
  2. Protection of the broiler producer and/or industry from adverse legislation and any other aggression, and initiating, fostering and assisting in obtaining legislation and regulations beneficial to the broiler and allied industries.
  3. Improvement of production, testing, grading, packing, transportation, storage, marketing and export of broiler productions, and the means in this regard.
  4. Setting and revising of marketing standards.
  5. Encouragement of poultry education, conducting and/or assisting in investigational work of a practical and scientific nature, and the organisation of seminars or courses.
  6. Publishing literature, journals, pamphlets and circulars dealing with all matters pertaining to the broiler industry and conducting propaganda on behalf of this industry.
  7. Acting as arbitrators in the settlement of any dispute in the interests of members which may arise in any matter pertaining to the broiler or allied industries.
  8. Dealing with any matter which may be in the interest of the Industry, the Organisation and its members.
  9. Submitting individual data to the SAPA office for establishing a suitable statistical system to further the aims of the SAPA.